Sunday, July 6, 2008

Preface to my readers / my first posting

Yes, it's true! Hello you, and congratulations! If you're reading this right now you've successfully managed to locate the where I’m publishing the writings I’ve felt are appropriate to share with you and yours. As these posting are intentionally targeted to the public, it should be acknowledged that they will be somewhat impersonal and only serve as a news-update of me and mine. Initially I thought it would be nice of me to apologize in advance for the challenges the reader might face when trying to make sense out of what I’m saying here but, through the course of this paragraph I concluded that I cannot be held responsible that the reader and I are on different individual levels of understanding and knowledge of the English language. I (politely) ask the reader, might I add whoever you are and regardless of our relationship, please not to doing any of that dirty pessimistic-angry-negative-judging garbage: that’s you; the reader; my guest, you’ve been invited into mi casa, I’ll do my best to treat you great, of course, I’d be expecting the same in return. This is my little piece of public domain, you feel me? I’m in control here (? [Or at least we’d all like to think so]) I’m open to the-whole-criticism-thing and just about everything else you people have to say. Alas! With this much in mind, the time has come! I welcome you to the outer limits of my (censored) mind in B-L-O-G form…

Ps. This above section is a more-formal “mission statement” of my postings. But, more honestly it serves best as a less-formal reader warning and preface that serves to give some guidelines to the reader when reading these posting (mind you, this does not confine me to anything! Anything at all!) you’ve been forewarned…. good luck!

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