Friday, August 1, 2008

ब्लोद्गे नुमेरो थ्री ७.३१.०८

Hello all who read, it’s your great friend sean! I’m posting from Dubrovnik, Croatia!

It’s been totally stellar! We’ve arrived by aircraft to a new and mystical land, this one much warmer and so divergent (in so many ways!) in contrast from the last. There is so many forms of beautiful everywhere I perceive! Less English and more slavv is what I’m hearing and trying to communicate in/with: not so successful. I think it’s safe to say I’m still in good shape. I think I reached a naÔve realm with my first experience of language barriers in Istanbul. There the majority of the people could still understand the language I was trying to speak. Here it is much more challenging to communicate with the people. In addition, the people were much friendlier about not understanding English and were still trying to make sense out of it.

DUBROVNIK! The people here are very interesting to me, especially in contract to all of the people I met in Istanbul. I think that (to natives) I stand out much less here than in Istanbul: skin-color-wise, dress-wise, and the rest. There seems to be a lot of money flowing through the village, very ritz-y, and did I mention how beautiful everything is!? -oddly enough the towns people seem cold, bitter, and irritated by other people traveling through; whom, in their innocence, are only hoping to catch a glimpse at the allure and history of the land, right? It seems the annoyance is more so when one is not speaking their language, but hey, I’m totally open to the idea that I could be just dissecting all of this on a completely bias and paranoid basis, I could be off, in the scheme of things, and I probably am, that is, in the scheme of things. My primary hypothesis that these people act this way is partially a product the Bosnian-Croatian-conflicts (wars) they endured a mere decade ago. I mean right? this is former Yugoslavia. The bitterness is undeniably evident, though I speak in a dramatic tongue to get the whole thing across, by no means has it limited us to enjoying ourselves. I’m also really excited about how Bosia Herzegovina will be in contrast. Eh?

The room sam and I are sleeping in. We’re staying in a small cottage-style-structured condo room where at any given moment we can hear the blaring of the Croatian language amplified from our neighbors (who own the place), their television, constantly in the PM, lound, fast paced, and completely incomprehensible to us americanos. It’s little things like these that I’ve picked up on that instill a certain level of comfort in the similarities of our cultural and their, I suppose, moreover human culture that we all share as a race.

After only nine days (out of thirty five!) of traveling another side of the world, I see it fitting to express a small summary of my philo. insight by quoting a white-rapper on what I’ve gained thus far: “the world is just a small town, we all know how people like to get down.”

ta ta for now

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blogkingt0byn(europe rulez) said...

Slug/Sean Daley isnt white. he's hispanic, i think. but, nonetheless he's right i suppose. Lucy Ford? Don't Ever F*cking Question That? yes i thinks so. btw i look forward to seeing ur intruments (guitar-thing & smoking-device-thing)