Tuesday, August 5, 2008

डूबरोव्निक ८.२.०८

Onwards DUBROVNIK! Onwards my readers; my brothers, and my sisters…

Greeting again good friends! It’s me of course in my blodging routine of updating, reiterating, informing, and hopefully evolving… from the land of Croatia!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is catching us on a bus in three hours. Dubrovnik was good. Yet, better than the typical kind of ‘good.’ yes, better; great! It’s: Warm, humid, sun-beating-down-all-day-hot, little clothes on people which was sometimes nice on the eyes and other times not so nice. One of my favorite little things in Croatia was how good our US dollar was to their Kuna, we ate many goremet meals for around what would be $6! Compared that to $15US in Istanbul for eh sort of gormet food. Great for US! And bad puns, hurray! Everything is good, continually getting even better, all it’s such a great experience!

I’m only two weeks into this east European excursion and I’m completely convinced that money can’t be spent a better way; it’s such an inconceivably priceless experience!

More on Dubrovnik: lot’s of Italian looking men with big muscles and awesome tribal tats -looking good, beautiful beautiful looking females everywhere with these same hunky steroid infested guido fuut ball playing superstars. Yes, great! I’ve always felt more ‘comfortable’ as a bench warmer anyhow! Very OC (television series) type of feel with how rich the area is and the whole dating-barhopping-getting-lucky-mentality. There’s horns being honked everywhere; these people are mad for their honkers; citizens totally honk happy. When any opportunity arises you can count on hearing an extremely obnoxious beep beep. Great!

There’s a lot of pollution everywhere: garbage, oil, dirty water, messy streets -it’s really heart wrenching that people privileged of enjoying such a beautiful land would (and do) return their gratitude with such neglect and carelessness. One day we ventured off to an island and when we swam in the ocean we could literally see the oily thickness of the water and felt a thin filmy layer of pollution when we got out, this made me really appreciate how well kept our beaches on the central coast are. No buano.

Okay, yes, times out, you-know-who has to get going. Thanks for indulging, my next post will (hopefully) report on Mostar and Sarajevo of Bosnia and Herzegovina! See you then.



blogkingt0byn(europe rulez) said...

when u say "onward my sisters", did mean that one LA-dweller that left us when she was 18 that im not supposed to ask mum or dad about, or are their more? nontheless, trip sounds fascinating. next time u go im going too, no doubt? once i journey to france i shall definately be having one of these b-l-o-g's things. they seem very convenient. technology these days, eh? we all await ur arrival but for now i must go to bed, for i am trying to develop a good sleeping pattern before school starts. u should be very prowd.

Long John Silver said...

Croatia sounds fantastic Sean! Have you had lots of calamari and pasta? Dericious.